Dancing in Guernsey

In 2003 James and Claire were invited to travel to Guernsey in the Channel Islands and teach a small number of social and competitive dancers. They traveled to the island every other month and after a short time numbers started to increase. It wasn’t long before their trips had increased to every other week.

In 2012 we launched the Guernsey Ballroom Dancing Club with classes and lessons being held at La Trelade Hotel.  James and Claire now alternate their visits to the islan whilst local teachers Christine Verrijkt and Vanessa James take care of teaching when they are not there.

If you are interested in one on one tuition from any of the Professionals, lessons are available on Saturdays and Sundays at La Trelade Hotel, please see below for dates of our teaching schedule.

We are extremely proud of all the dancers we train. We have taken some who have never danced a step before into medals, and who are now gaining Honors Marks in Gold Bar Level.

Some of our competitive Couples have exceeded our expectations, from starting with us as complete beginners to competing at a National Level. There is great dancing talent in Guernsey, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Class Timetable:


6-7pm Fitsteps
7-8pm Beginners Dance Class
8-9pm Sequence Dance Class
9-10pm Advanced Dance Class

£5 each class at La Trelade Hotel