Dance Events

C.J. Dancing hold at least 6 social dance events each year. Normally held on Friday or Saturday evenings at the Victory Hall in Warsash.
Each evening includes a top class demonstration from either an amateur or professional Ballroom and Latin couple, with lots of general dancing for our audience to enjoy with strict tempo CD music - plus lots of fun and games from your hosts James and Claire Taplin.

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English Riviera International Dance Festival
5th-10th June

5 Days of Competitions

Gala Dinner Dance with Champions in Cabaret


Our Past Events:

In previous shows we have invited many top dancers, some who are household names, take a look at our gallery of these events opposite.


2014 Events:

Oct 2014: Glenn Boyce & Kayleigh Andrews

Oct 2014: 10th Anniversary Dance

Feb 2014: Ryan McShane & Ksenia Zsikhotska


2013 Events:

Dec 13: Richard Still & Morgan Hempill

Oct 13: Stephen Arnold & Yasmine Priestnall

Feb 13: Andrew Cuerden & Viktoria Wilton


2012 Events:

Dec 2012: Neil Jones & Ekaterina Sokolova

Oct 2012: Kai Widdrington & Natalia Jeved


2011 Events:

Dec 2011: Andrew Cuerden & Hanna Haarala
June 2011: James & Kelly Prouton
Feb 2011: Danny Stowell & Katie More


2010 Events:

Dec 2010: Richard Still & Morgan Hemphill
Oct 2010: Neil Jones & Ekaterina Sokolova
May 2010: Alex Ivanets & Lisa Bellinger-Ivanets
Feb 2010: Barry Winters & Holly Woolcott


2009 Events:

Dec 09: Warren and Kristi
Oct 09: Julian Manderson and Kimberley Mitchell
May 09: London Swing Co
Feb 09: Richard Still and Morgan Hemphill


2008 Events:
Dec 08: Christmas party - Andrew Cuerden and Hanna Haarala
from Strictly Come Dancing 2006.
Oct 08: Luke Miller and Hannah Creswell
Sep 08: Stephen Arnold and Charlotte Cutler and Jamie Cutler and Lauren Oakley - Double Ballroom and Latin Cabaret
May 08: Simon Selmon and Moe - Swing Specialists
Mar 08: Marco Cavallaro and Joanne Clifton
Feb 08: Jonathan Wilkins and Hazel Newberry MBE


2007 Events:

Dec 07: Alejandro Hernandez and Kerry-Anne Donaldson
Oct 07: James Prouton & Kelly Le Masurier
Mar 07: Anton DuBeke and Erin Boag
Feb 07: Julian Manderson and Melanie Hooper


2006 Events:
Dec 06: Stephen and Gemma Arnold
Sept 06: Warren and Kristi Boyce
May 06: Alex and Lisa Ivanets
Mar 06: The EADA Showcase
Feb 06: Andrew Cuerden and Hanna Haarala


2005 Events:
Dec 05: Nuno Fernandez and Kerry-Ann Donaldson
Oct 05: The EADA Showcase
Sep 05: Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace
May 05: Andy and Kelly Kainz